Integrating with Datto Backup

Use this article as a guide when you integrate with Datto, a hybrid cloud backup and recovery service. With Datto, a device on a local network will perform a snapshot of targeted systems and then back them up to storage in the cloud.

Note: if you have an existing Datto Backup integration, you will see a banner on your Integrations screen to upgrade to the latest, enhanced version of the Datto BCDR integration. Please refer to the steps below for setting up an integration with this new version. 


  • You must have Manager or Administrator access to IT Glue.
  • IT Glue talks to Datto's API to monitor for devices in the form of a read-only sync. For this to work, you need the Datto REST API Public and Secret keys, available from Admin > Integrations in the BCDR tab, in the Datto cloud. For more information on this, see their KB article How to find your Integration API Key.


  1. Log in to IT Glue and navigate to Account > Integrations. Then, click on the green + New button and then on the Datto icon.


    2. Enter the REST API Public Key into the API Username field in IT Glue and the REST API Secret Key into the API Key field,  then click Connect


  2. Next, you’ll be taken back to the Integrations screen. The sync will be automatically queued. By default, newly queued syncs are scheduled to take place one hour later. To start the sync immediately, click Actions and then Start Manual Sync.


  3. When the sync is complete, the Status column changes from Syncing... to OK.

Upon completion, Datto companies will be automatically synced  to IT Glue and matched to IT Glue Organizations. Datto appliances and backup assets will be synced into IT Glue and matched to IT Glue Configurations. If a strong match is not found, Datto companies and assets will be listed in the Unmatched section of the Integrations > Matching screen, where they can be matched to IT Glue assets manually. Datto Appliance and backup asset details as well as a history of the last 10 backups will be available in IT Glue and can be viewed in Device Details. 


Additional Notes

  • Datto integrations don't count against your data source limit, however you can only integrate with one Datto account at a time. 
  • To manage a backup incident, you will need to access the Datto management screen on the Datto device.

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