Creating an integrator login in N-able N-central (formerly SolarWinds N-central)

With the release of N-able N-central 11 (or newer), you have more granular role based user permissions than in earlier versions of N-central. Permissions are separated into roles and groups, which are then assigned to each user account. These instructions will help you create an N-central integrator login account that will work with IT Glue.


  • You must have an Administrator role in N-central to configure the integrator login.
  • A Manager role will only be able to see RMM matched/unmatched data for organizations that they have explicit access to. To grant access to RMM data for all organizations, refer to Step 7 of our Adding and removing users KB article.


  1. Sign into N-central with your Administrator credentials.
  2. From the top-level menu (used to be called the "Service Organization" level), navigate to Administration > User Management.
  3. Under Roles, create a new role for use with the IT Glue integration that has the following permissions:
    • Under Devices View in Devices, set All Devices to Read Only.
    • Under Monitoring in Configuration, set Service/Tasks to Read Only.
    • Click Save to save the new role.
  4. Under Access Groups, click Add and then By Customers.
  5. From the Create Access Group - By Customers screen:
    • Select the Propagate to all new Customers/Sites checkbox to ensure the access group continues to include all future customers/sites.
    • Select the Customers/Sites checkbox to select all current customers/sites.
    • Click Save to save the new group.
  6. Under Users, create a dedicated IT Glue integrator user account.
  7. Assign this user to the role and the access group you created above, and then click Save.
  8. As a last step, sign in to N-central using the new user account to activate it.
Important. The N-central integration will not sync if MFA/2FA is enabled on the integrator user login.

You will now have the user credentials you need to initiate the integration with IT Glue. The remaining setup is the same as our current Knowledge Base article, Integrating with N-able N-central.

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