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The integration between Domotz and IT Glue streamlines the documentation of networks by automatically sending the device and network details discovered by Domotz to IT Glue.

Thanks to the bi-directional synchronization between the services, networks that are already documented in IT Glue can also be automatically synced with Domotz too. In addition, if a device is edited in IT Glue, users can choose to reflect those changes within Domotz.

The Domotz and IT Glue bi-directional synchronization will do the following:

  • Domotz automatically analyzes the network and discovers all devices like model, MAC address, location, zone, software version, and IP addresses.
  • The full inventory of the network provided by Domotz is sent to IT Glue.
  • Alternatively, thanks to bi-directional synchronization, documentation in IT Glue can be automatically synchronized with Domotz.
  • The synchronization direction can be customized for every individual field.
  • Users can synchronize the systems on demand or periodically on an automatic basis.


  • The Certified Integration Package for each Agent is required and needs to be synced on the Domotz side. This is available on the Domotz portal.
  • Administrator or a manager access role on IT Glue is required.
  • The API Key must be created on the IT Glue portal.
  • Instructions to set the integration

This integration allows you to automatically synchronize the following data between Domotz and IT Glue:

  • Domotz Agents and Devices
  • IT Glue Organizations and Configurations

Generate your API Key

Before starting to connect an integration, you need to generate an API Key following these steps:

  1. Login to your IT Glue dashboard.
  2. Select the API Keys tab from the section Account.
  3. Click on the + button under the Custom API Key section and add a Name (e.g. Domotz).
  4. Click on Generate API Key to generate a new API Key to configure the IT Glue integration on Domotz:
  5. Keep track of the generated API Key, which will be used in the next step.

Set up your integration in Domotz

  1. Login to your Domotz system.
  2. Select the menu Services under the Account Settings section.
  3. Select IT Glue from the list of available documentation services.
  4. Insert the API key generated on the IT Glue dashboard and then click on the Connect button:

Link Domotz and IT Glue items

  1. To link a Domotz Agent to an IT Glue Organization, click on the + button under your IT Glue Organizations list:
  2. A pop-up window will appear where you can select the IT Glue Organization you would like to link to a Domotz Agent. In this step, you can also set the location for this specific association:
  3. The information about the linked IT Glue Organization will be shown, including the number of Domotz Devices matched with the IT Glue Configurations:

Important Note: The match between Domotz Devices and IT Glue Configurations includes results only from your Domotz Devices marked as important.

Note: The automatic match between Domotz Devices and IT Glue Configurations is based on the MAC Address or on the IP Address of the IT Glue Configuration, in case no MAC Address is defined on it.

Match the configuration

  1. To manually match a Domotz Device with an IT Glue Configuration, click on the number of matched devices, in this case “22 Matched”:
  2. To link a configuration to a Domotz Device without any match, click on the + Match Configuration button: 

A pop-up window will appear from where you can create a new IT Glue Configuration or select an existing one and then link it to the Domotz Device.

  • To allow Domotz to link the Domotz Device to a new IT Glue Configuration (created by Domotz itself), select Create New Configuration and then click on Save.
  • To link the Domotz Device to an existing IT Glue Configuration, select it from the list and then click on Save:

Bulk creation of IT Glue Configurations

You can create more than one IT Glue Configuration at once.
For example, if Domotz is used to set up an IT Glue Organization from scratch, the operation can be sped up using the multi-select option next to each row, and the Pick an action button.

Unlink the configuration

  1. To manually unlink already matched Configuration, click on the button with the number of Domotz Devices matched with the IT Glue Configurations:
  2. From the following window you would see on your screen, click on the x button next to the configuration:

Important Note: There is no confirmation requested before unlinking the Configuration.

Set up the manual synchronization

  1. To start the manual synchronization, check the desired Agent and then click on the Sync now button:
    Note: Only a Domotz Agent already linked to an IT Glue Organization can be selected.
  2. A pop-up window will appear where the user can select the direction of the synchronization between the Domotz Agents and Devices and the IT Glue Organizations and Configurations. The user has the following options:
    • Synchronization from Domotz to IT Glue: If you click on the Domotz > IT Glue button, the information stored on the Domotz Devices will override the information on the IT Glue Configuration.
    • Synchronization from IT Glue to Domotz: If you click on the IT Glue > Domotz button, the information stored on the IT Glue Configuration will override the information on the Domotz Devices.
    • Customized synchronization: If you click on the Fields Custom Direction button, you can choose the synchronization direction for every single field from the Custom Match Fields Configuration window.


3. As soon as the user chooses an option for the synchronization, the system will display Last Sync time:

Set up the automatic synchronization

The automatic synchronization occurs every 12 hours and is based on the direction specified for each field between Domotz and IT Glue in the Match Fields configuration section.

  1. To enable the automatic synchronization, click on the toggle from the Sync column:

  2. Confirm the operation on the confirmation pop-up.

Note: In case of an error during the automatic synchronization, the system will display a message Failed Sync next to the organization name and the automatic synchronization will be disabled.

Match Fields Configuration

In this section the user can define, change or disable the synchronization direction of every field:

  • To define or change the synchronization direction of a field, click on the button Domotz to IT Glue >> under the Direction column.
  • To disable the synchronization between the Domotz and IT Glue fields, click on the toggle on the right side of the desired field to switch it off.

Note: Some of the fields have their mandatory synchronization direction from Domotz to IT Glue: Current Status, MAC Address, IP Address (First IP), Hostname.

Important Note: The match Domotz & IT Glue Fields configuration displayed on this page, will be the one used for every automatic synchronization in terms of the selected synchronization direction.

For help or support, email the Domotz support team on at any time.

Learn more about the Domotz IT Glue integration.

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