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You can visit our System Status page (https://status.itglue.com/) for information about the current status and incident history report for the IT Glue platform. You'll also find system metrics that show you how well the IT Glue platform and the API are performing. This is a real-time, 24/7 health check of the IT Glue platform. If you’re experiencing issues with IT Glue, please check this page to get updates about issues as soon as they happen.


Common Questions

When do system updates and maintenance occur?

Updates & System Maintenance - Hotfixes and maintenance releases are done multiple times per week, using our continuous deployment/integration methodology. We apply industry best-practices for testing and deployment, which includes staging and production environments with unit testing.

Major System Updates - Major system updates are performed very rarely, and notice will be provided along with instructions on how to ensure uninterrupted access to your data during the maintenance window.

Contacting IT Glue support

To stay up-to-date on IT Glue's system status, make sure you:

If you don’t see an update about an issue you’re experiencing, reach out to our support team.

Please remember to:

  • Describe the action you’re trying to perform, and what’s going wrong.
  • Tell us about the troubleshooting steps you’ve tried.
  • Add screenshots of error messages or other helpful displays.

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