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IT Glue's document template has two main elements: the editing toolbar and the floating context menus. The editing tool bar allows you to quickly format the text to the way you want them to appear. A context menu is a menu that appears upon user interaction and offers a limited set of actions related to the selected item.

Editing toolbar

The editing toolbar contains several options and commands you will need to format your content.


Heading/font style

Click on Style to apply a heading or font style to highlighted text.


Text tools

  • Bold, italicize, underline, and strikethrough text
  • Change the text color and background color
  • Remove all the formatting on the text


Format bullets/indent tools

  • Apply numbering or bullets to text
  • Insert an indent for block quotes
  • Increase or decrease tab indents


Alignment tools

  • Change the alignment of text to either left-justified, centered, or right-justified


Undo/redo tools

  • Undo and redo actions in the text field


Source code tool

  • Access and edit the underlying HTML code for the text you're working with



Table tool

  • Choose the number of columns and rows needed
  • Once you create the table, clicking inside a table cell will display a floating context menu with several actions (refer to the Table Context Menus section later in this KB article)


Embed media

  • Embed media (iframes) hosted by other services


Context Menus

Add Content context menu

Placing your cursor somewhere inside a block of text and clicking on the  plus sign next to it opens this floating context menu which includes the following actions:

  • Insert inline image
  • Create bulleted list
  • Create numbered list
  • Insert horizontal break line
  • Add link
  • Insert table

Edit Text context menu

Highlighting a section of text opens this floating context menu which includes the following actions:

  • Apply heading and font styles 
  • Bold text
  • Italicize text
  • Underline text
  • Strikethrough text
  • Add link
  • Remove formatting

Tables context menu

Clicking inside a table cell opens this floating context menu which includes the following options:

  • Apply heading and font styles
  • Rows (insert, delete)
  • Columns (insert, delete)
  • Cells (insert, delete, merge/split)
  • Delete table

Image Alignment context menu

Clicking on an image opens this floating context menu which includes the following options:

  • Float left
  • Center
  • Float right 

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