Troubleshooting MFA login

The following tips will help you troubleshoot a login issue when you use IT Glue's multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution.

Note: If your administrator has turned on enforced MFA, you will be required to enable MFA even if you previously logged in without it.

To log in with IT Glue MFA, you need three separate pieces of information:

  • Your username
  • Your password
  • A numeric code generated by an authenticator app on your mobile phone

How do I log in without my phone?

If you forgot to bring your mobile device with you to work or the battery is depleted, you can use your one-time recovery code instead of the code generated by the authenticator app. The recovery code looks something like:


You will need to enter your recovery code into the MFA Code field when you log in. The recovery code can only be used once.


IT Glue will not disable MFA after you log in, so if you need to log in again without your mobile device, you have two options:

  1. Navigate to the Edit Profile screen and generate a new recovery code to store in a secure place for later use.
  2. Alternatively, you can disable MFA from your profile only if MFA is not enforced on your IT Glue account. Enforced MFA is when all users of the account are required to enable MFA. If MFA is enforced, you will be forced to set up MFA at your next log in.

If you don't do one of these two options, and then you log out of your account, you won't be able to log in again.

How do I reset my MFA?

Follow these instructions if you need to reset your MFA for any reason (e.g. to replace or factory reset your mobile device). After it is reset, you can enable your MFA again.

You have a recovery code

Enter your recovery code into the MFA Code field when you log in and then reset your MFA by disabling and re-enabling it in your profile. Set up MFA access again by scanning the QR code, and then make sure you save a new recovery code for future use.

You don't have a recovery code

An Administrator can reset your MFA:

  1. Under Account > Users, click the pencil icon next to the user on the far right.
  2. On the Edit User screen, click the Reset MFA link to immediately reset the user's MFA. The user will be prompted to re-enable MFA again when they log in.

Or, see Recovering a lost MFA code for an Administrator if you are the only Administrator on your account.

I am having MFA login errors / codes aren't working. 

Ensure your device time is synced with internet time. You can do this by disabling and re-enabling automatic time on your device:

  1. For an iOS device, navigate to Settings > General > Date & Time.
  2. Tap to toggle the Set Automatically switch to off. Wait a few seconds and toggle it back on.
    For an Android device, tap Settings, enter Date and time in the Search Settings bar, and then open Date and Time settings.
  3. Tap to toggle the Automatic date and time switch to off. Wait a few seconds and toggle it back on.

Then, continue to log in to IT Glue.

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