Adding Traverse

To configure Traverse in the Single Sign On Manager please follow these steps

  1. Select Directory Manager.
  2. Select Groups.
  3. Select the blue plus sign in the bottom right corner.
  4. Name the Group Traverse Users.
    Note: If you have other existing Groups for SSO users you can use one of these as well.
  5. Select ADD GROUP.
  6. Select SSO Manager.
  7. Select the Blue plus sign in the bottom right corner.
  8. Select the Catalogue Icon.
  9. Select Custom Application from the Catalogue.
  10. Give the Application a name.
  11. Select Change Image.
    Attached to this article is a file you can use for the image.
  12. Select Protocol Setup.
    Update the Assertion Consumer URL:
    Note: This should be set to match your Traverse login. Replace with your actual FQDN.
  13. Select Attribute Transformation 
    Change the issued attribute to {User.EmailAddress} 
  14. Select Add Application.
  15. Select Permissions.
  16. Select Add Groups.
    Select the Group you chose in Step 4.
  17. Select Signing and Encryption.
  18. Select Copy.
    Copy the encoded certificate

    Note: Save this using a notepad document using a .CER file type. You will need this for the Traverse portion of the configuration.
  19. Select Save Changes.

To configure Traverse please follow these steps.

  1. Log into your Traverse instance.
  2. Select Super User.

  3. Select Global Config

  4. Select Enable Sign Sign-On
    Paste in the SSO certificate for Identity Provider.


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