Adding People HR for Single Sign On

Configure in Passly

To add People HR for SSO access, first add it to SSO Manager

SSO Manager -> Add Application

Search or scroll down and select People HR.

Set the Authentication Policy for the SSO Application.

Go to Protocol Setup and replace, in the Assertion Consumer Service URL, "mycompany" with the correct value for your People HR URL.


Add the Application.

Open the application configuration and go back to the Application Configuration tab. Click View Federation Metadata and save that page as a .xml file. You will need this to import into People HR.

Ensure the correct groups have permissions and the application is active on the Application Configuration and Permissions tabs.

Configure in People HR

Log into your People HR system as an Administrator.

Navigate to Settings -> Company

Scroll down to the "

Test the Connection

Log out of People HR. 

From Passly click on People HR on your Launch Pad

Log out of People HR.

Go to your company's login page for People HR

You should have a link to Sign In With Your Identity Provider. Click that link

NOTE: If you are still logged into Passly, it will just bounce from People HR to Passly and log you into People HR. If you are not still logged into Passly, it will require you to login to Passly.


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