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The individual that signs up for the evaluation will be the primary site administrator. The only information we require to start the evaluation is a work email, first and last name, company name, where you would like your service to be hosted (there are currently two options – Europe / Non-Europe), and the desired company URL. All Passly tenant URL's follow this form: - OR - depending on the service location selected. When choosing the URL we will automatically notify you whether the requested URL is available or not.

NOTE: The URL's are not currently customizable and must follow the above format.

Once you complete your information and click on Create My Passly Service, you will see the following screen:

Verify via email

Concurrently the individual signing up for the evaluation will receive the following Welcome email. For the best experience please open the email in a browser (preferably Chrome) for the “Let's Get Started” link to work.

You will then be redirected to the welcome portal:

Setup your password

Once you have verified your email, from the Welcome portal online, click on the “Let’s Get Started” button to be redirected to the password setup screen:

Click on the “Save Password and continue” button, which will take you here to set up two factor authentication:

4 Select your authentication device

Simply select the device you wish to set up with a 2FA token and click “Next”.

Note: There are currently a couple authentication options available – iPhone, Android, Yubikey.

5 Start using AAoD

After you have approved your first authentication request you will see the following screen:

At this point you have successfully signed up for the evaluation and have a unique tenant license, set up a password, configured a device for 2FA and are now ready to login to the evaluation. Selecting the “Nice. Let’s Move On” button will immediately launch you into the evaluation.

This is the screen you will see after selecting the button:

This is the Administrator welcome screen. It presents a series of steps we suggest you follow to familiarize yourself with Passlyand learn about the basic functionality.


There are 12 recommended steps covering the following topics:

Begin with the basics

  1. Set up Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) for the Administrator (By default this will already be checked since they completed this during the signup process.)
  2. Customize your portal experience
  3. Sign in using 2FA
  4. Deploy your first 2FA agent

Manage your Universal Directory

  1. Add users to your organization
  2. Create a security group
  3. Set up a second Administrator

Set Up Single Sign-On

  1. Add Kaseya VSA; Add Kaseya BMS; Select an app from the catalogue
  2. Allow access to your application
  3. Sign in to your application from Passly

Explore more Passly features

  1. Sync with Active Directory
  2. Set up other 2FA applications

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