Passly 7.0.0 Release Notes

Date: 6 April 2020

This release of Passly (AuthAnvil) includes new features and bug fixes. See the topics below for details. 

AuthAnvil is now Passly 

We have rebranded and AuthAnvil is now officially Passly. For more information on what this means to you, we've put together a post to help answer any questions.  

New Features 

Agents: OpenID Connect 

We can now provide authentication for applications that support the Open ID Connect standards. Look for this across the Kaseya applications, with Dark Web ID coming very soon.  

Passly: Intercom Integration 

We can now notify you when we have releases or other important information.  

Passly: Dark Web ID Integration 

We will now show you the number of compromised accounts on the Organization page. Look for more, and deeper, integration coming in the near future 

Bug Fixes 

Directory Sync 

Fixed an issue if you are syncing one Active Directory with multiple Passly tenants / organizations, there was an issue where only one would support syncing of Groups.  

Login to Mobile Apps with WebView on Android 

Changed how we store data so that users can login to mobile apps that use Passly as the Identity Provider This prevented users from authenticating when logging into mobile apps that redirected to Passly. 

Remove Role from User 

Fixed an issue that prevented roles being removed from the User screen. They were still able to be removed from the Role screen. 

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