Passly 7.0.2 - Release Notes

Passly 7.0.2  Release Notes - June 30th, 2020 

This release of Passly includes new features, front-end update and bug fixes. See the topics below for details.  

New Features  

Revamped Password Server 

Now it’s easier than ever to quickly view, search and create vaults, folders and credentials with a unified UI revamp of the Vault Manager.  


User Verification Challenge 

When an Administrator needs to verify a user, for example a user asking to change their password, this is a new feature that allows Administrators to challenge the user’s identity by sending out a 2FA Push Authentication or entering a One-Time Passcode. This can be found in the user’s profile.  


#1 screenshot of "Verify User" button



#2 screenshot of Verification options



#3 screenshot of Push Authentication Successful and Not Successful




#4 screenshot of the One-Time Passcode Successful and Not Successful






Good-bye Polymer, Hello ReactJS 

In with the new, out with the old! We have updated our front-end to ReactJS which will allow us to develop features, fix bugs with more flexibility, speed, control and helps us get up to speed on standards.  

You may not notice much difference now as it’s setting us up for the long run.  

General Workflow Improvements 

You will notice some smaller changes, like windows opening up in the center of the screen rather than from the right. Also, we're working to improve the user experience overall. We started with the updates to the Password Server, and there are more coming in the future. 

Supported Browsers 

As we move forward into the Passly era, we have updated our supported browser list to include the latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari. We have removed Internet Explorer 11 from the list of supported browsers. If you are using one of the supported browser, you should update your bookmarks for Passly to the or version of the site.  

SAML Applications in the SSO Manager will continue to work using either the AuthAnvil or Passly version of the site as they were configured.  

Internet Explorer 11 users will, however, be able to use the functionality as it exists today with the or version of their tenant. 

Please note, if you are using IE11 and decide to stay with, we will no longer be adding new features there beginning with this release. 


Bug Fixes  

Migrate Office 365 Federation from AuthAnvil to Passly 

If your Office 365 SSO Federation uses the AuthAnvil domain (which is being depreciated) we have a button on the Office365 SSO Federation in the SSO Manager so you can easily switch from the AuthAnvil to the Passly domain. This will resolve an issue with logging into the desktop version of the O365 applications through their embedded browser. The issue was related to how Polymer and the embedded browser interacted. There was some JavaScript that was being added by Polymer that was not compatible with the browser.  

IMPORTANT: Do not click on SAVE after clicking on "Update".


Directory Sync Marking Users as Disabled 

We fixed an issue with the Directory Sync agent that was causing some user to incorrectly get marked as "Disabled". If you are experiencing that issue, please update to the new version of the agent. 

Please note: For this fix to work, it requires the agent to be updated. 

Desktop Login via 0365 

Fixed issue with logging into desktop clients for Office 365. See the note above on switching your O365 Federation from AuthAnvil to Passly.

UI Issues 

UI issues that were presented were fixed in the course of the platform update from Polymer to ReactJS.

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