Passly 7.0.6 - Release Notes

Passly 7.0.6 - Release Notes - October 28th, 2020

This release of Passly includes bug fixes and enhancements 


Features and Enhancements

  • SAML Applications - You can now edit attributes on a SAML Application. Previously, you could only remove them and add a new one
  • Password Links - You can now get a link to a password in a vault. In order for the link to work, the user clicking the link will have to sign into Passly, if they are not already authenticated, and have access to the vault
    To generate the link, edit the password and select Enable Sharing Via Link and then Copy Link.

  • O365 in SSO Manager will now
    • Give you the option to synchronize users from AAD to Passly when initially configuring the Federation
    • Give you the option to synchronize groups and group memberships. With this option, users who are in a group in either system will be included in the group. Also, groups in AAD do not have IDs we can map to Passly, so we can only map by name


    • Require an account when being setup
    • Give a warning before deleting it from SSO Manager. If it is Federated, you have to remove the Federation before deleting it from Passly or Microsoft won't know and you will have no way to login
  • The Web Auth Agent option has been removed from the Add Agent screen. This is a legacy method of authentication that is not typically supported any longer.
  • The Password Rotation Agent can now be installed on non-AD joined machines.
  • OpenID Connect now supports offline_access and refresh_token options


  • Login - When a user changes an expired password, they will now be required to 2FA based on the Authentication Policy
  • Password Server - The Vault Name and Description will now accept special characters
  • Password Server - Web Passwords will now accept IP Addresses
  • Password Server - You can now retry a password rotation if it previously failed

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