BullPhish ID 2.03.00 - Release Notes

BullPhish ID 2.03.00 - Release Notes - July 31st, 2020


This release of BullPhish ID includes new features, enhancements and bug squashes. 


Features and Enhancements

  • Language Filters added to Phishing Kits and Training Courses. Now you can sort your view of the Kits and Courses by any of our 12 languages. We also have the courses defaulted to English (US). 

                                                       Language Filter Dropbox for Kits and Courses



  • We've made it easier than ever to create Phishing and Training Campaigns! You'll find "Create" button at the top right of BullPhish and you'll find them in our menu under the Phishing Simulation and Training & Awareness sections.

                 Buttons at top right of BullPhish ID



            Create ability in each menu section

mceclip5.png  mceclip6.png



  • You can now choose any Organization when creating a Phishing or Training Campaign. 

Organization Dropdown in Campaign Creation



  • Enhanced and added more data to the BullPhish PDF reports.  
    • Added Campaign Start Date
    • Added Campaign Close Date
    • Added Campaign Description
    • Removed the table lines
    • Middle aligned the table data


Bug Fixes

We clean up the Group names that had some database text from the BullPhish ID migration. 

                                                      Before                      Cleaned Up

mceclip8.png   mceclip9.png


  • Azure Directory Integration  - Fixed an issue with a Microsoft API limitation that wouldn't allow new Azure Directories to be added. 


  • Kits and Courses - Fixed a URL issue where some training courses were resolving to phishing kits when being viewed inside BullPhish ID. 
  • Group and Target Creation - Resolved an issue where some Partners couldn't create groups or targets.
  • Campaign Details - Fixed an issue where Training email activity would have Phishing activity text instead of Training activity text. 


Also performed a bunch of back-end improvements!

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