10/08/2020 - BullPhish ID v2.09.00

BullPhish ID 2.09.00 - Release Notes - October 8th, 2020


Features and Enhancements

1. Resend Phishing and Training emails - You can now select a single user or multiple users to resend the Phishing  or Training emails to! Inside each "In Progress" Campaign, you can select the users and click on "Resend Phishing" or "Resend Training" button.

This feature only works with campaigns that are "In Progress" and users who were already sent an email.

Selection of Users 


Resend Summary



2. Campaign Resent Status and Log - We added a new status, "Resent" and activity log so you can see the original send date and the dates you resent the campaign emails to the respective user(s).


Resend Status and Log



3. Campaign Recreation - You can now recreate a single campaign or multiple campaigns with the click of a button! This feature version will allow you to recreate the campaign exactly as you created it and you can select a new date to resend. This is a great feature to have in the event of whitelisting, filtering issues, etc!

Selection of campaigns


Reschedule Starting Date and Times


4. New Phishing Kits - Added 6 new Phishing Kits! You can find them using the red "Fire" icon. 


                              Bamboo HR                                                                            UPS

mceclip5.png    mceclip6.png


                         Rocket Matter                                                                        Clio

mceclip7.png    mceclip11.png


                    USPS Election Ballot                                                             Chase Banking

mceclip10.png      mceclip12.png



5. Guides & FAQ - Added Group Import CSV to the Guides section




1. Groups - Cleaned up Groups that were using a database name, "Target Diff for Campaign...".

These will no longer show. 



2. Azure Active Directory - Fixed an issue where daily sync wasn't correctly syncing. 

3. Training Activity - Fixed a bug where if a user failed a training the activity would show, "Training Completed". 




1. Groundwork being laid down for our new training portal coming soon.

2. Improving and added new tracking metrics for future campaigns.


Stay tuned as we have some big features on the way! 





















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