10/22/2020 - BullPhish ID v2.10.00


Features and Enhancements

1. Phishing and Training Courses - Edit Scheduled Campaigns

You now have the ability to "Edit" any Scheduled campaign! 

Edit Campaign button


Phishing Campaigns--the following fields can be edited:

  • Campaign Name
  • Associated Organization
  • Campaign Description
  • How Many Days to Send for? 
  • Campaign Starting Date & Time
  • Groups
  • My Kits

Training Campaigns--the following fields can be edited:

  • Everything above
  • Sending Profile
  • After last email, how long should your campaign stay active for? 
  • My Courses

2. Azure Directory - Security Groups now supported

When setting up your Azure Group--you can now choose "Security Groups" in addition to the default "Microsoft 365" groups.


3. Campaign Details - Update Verbiage 

Thanks for all the feedback from you! We updated our description of when a campaign sends out emails and when it is scheduled for so it's a bit more clear!

Updated Verbiage


Removed Verbiage



4. Campaign Overview - Added Campaign Details

When viewing the "Campaign Overview" sidebar, we removed "Campaign Type" and we added:

  • How Many Days to Send for? 
  • Schedule Frequency

Added Campaign Details


Remove Campaign Details




5. Phishing Kits - Sorting of Kit Performance

You can now view kits, by language, which are the highest or lowest performing kits across all BullPhish ID campaigns. 

You can now sort the following Performance Metrics:

  • Open Rate
  • Click Rate
  • Submit Data Rate


6. Phishing Kits - Real time and date

When a user receives a phishing email that informs them that someone just logged into their account (for example), the date and time will now be dynamically updated to match when the phishing email is sent out to the user. 

Currently, the following Phishing Kits use the "Date Token":

  • Google Chrome - New Sign-in


7. Training Course - Added "Mobile Security: Mobile Backups"

We added a new Training Course called "Mobile Security: Mobile Backups. It is currently only available in English language. 




Bug Fixes and Other

  • Fixed a bug with Internet Explorer where Phishing wasn't reporting the activity, "Submitted Data". 
  • Fixed a Training Campaign bug where users would receive an error message if more than 14 days for a campaign to stay active. 
  • Backend improvements

Stay tuned as we have some great features on the way!






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