07/15/2021 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.29

This release of BullPhish ID includes an enhancement and a bug fix.


Phishing Kits/Landing Pages/Email Template: When you want to delete a phishing kit, landing page or email template, you will now see a confirmation message which asks, “Are you sure you want to delete the <kit, landing page, email template>?” The confirmation window now has two buttons – Delete and Cancel. You can hit the Delete button if you are sure you want to delete. The item will be deleted after the scheduled campaigns are complete. You can hit Cancel button if you do not want to delete the item at that moment.

Bug Fixed

Training Campaign: When a new Training Campaign is created and 'Training Course Expiration' field is selected, the 'Active Until' date in the 'My Courses' section had incorrect date. The same has now been fixed and the 'Active Until' date is now calculated based on current date + duration selected from the Training Course Expiration dropdown. Previously, the 'Active Until' date shown was current date + 1 day.

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