07/12/2021 - Dark Web ID v1.71.00

This release includes a few enhancements and a few bug fixes.


  1. Partner Dashboard (Integration): If ConnectWise user did not have access to boards API request, there was no error shown previously. Now, an error to that effect is shown if the ConnectWise user does not have access to boards API request and request return is forbidden. 
  2. Compromises: You now have the option to filter compromises by imported date, to get only latest compromises, instead of everything. This is related to REST API.
  3. Login Page: The Login Page has been redesigned with user-friendly changes.

Bug Fixes

  1. SMB/Monitored Value Page: When you click Save on the SMB/monitored value page, in some rare cases, DWID throws an error which says, “Group Visibility field is required.” This is now fixed.
  2. Account: When you log in as a user with partner agent rights, open your account, try to disable 2FA function and confirm it, DWID throws an error. It was impossible to disable 2FA function for one time for partner agent. This is now fixed. As an admin, you can now disable 2FA for your users. 
  3. SMB Users’ Pages: Title from last SMB used to be added to the current partner. This is now fixed. Now, Users’ page title says Users, Reporting page title says Reporting and Reporting page company logo reflects partner logo.

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