Windows Logon Agent Bulk Deployment

You can install the Windows Logon Agent with pre-configured values for home realm, ID and key. You can provide these in the install command line or as an INI file:

This information is meant for use with the agent from this article.

Note: Passly requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 prior to installation.

Settings in Passly

You will need the following from your agent configuration in your Passly tenant. Auth Manager > Agents > Specific Windows Logon agent.

Home Realm: (your company)

ID: Will be displayed on the agent configuration.

Key: Key will be revealed when you click Show Key.


Bulk Deployment

VSA Users: Please see our agent procedure to deploy with the VSA at our Automation Exchange marketplace. 

If you are using an RMM tool or Group policy the following is the scripting needed to complete your bulk deployment.

Command line: msiexec /i PasslyWinLogonCP.msi HOMEREALM=(your company) CLIENTID=Displayed in the agent UI CLIENTKEY=Displayed in the agent UI /passive
["/passive" is only necessary if you want to hide most of the install UI. The user will be given a progress bar and the elevation prompt. You can use /qn instead to hide completely]

INI: msiexec /i AAWinLogonCP.msi PTINI=c:\temp\aainstall.ini /passive
[The INI file can be called anything, and placed anywhere the user can read from, but the full path must be provided]
INI file contents:
HomeRealm=(your company)
ClientID= Displayed in the agent UI
ClientKey=Displayed in the agent UI


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