Passly 7.0.8 - Release Notes

Passly 7.0.8 - Release Notes - February 1st, 2021

This release of Passly includes enhancements and bug fixes.

Features and Enhancements

  1. Password Server: Passly now stores the history of passwords for a credential. You will now have the ability to retrieve historical passwords. However, this will require admin rights to the vault containing the credential. Only the history going forward from this release will be available.

  2. Auth Manager: A new tab called Open ID Configuration (supporting custom claims) has been introduced when you select Open ID Connect and want to add it to the list of Agents/Clients in Auth Manager. 
  3. Browser Extension: Passly's Browser Extension will now give the option to add passwords to a vault when you login to a page that is not already in one of your vaults. You will only be able to add the password to a vault where you have ADD or ADMIN permissions. User will be able to select the vault and folder from the list to which they have access. If the user does not yet have a personal vault, Passly's Browser Extension will give you the option to create a personal vault and add the password to the default folder.


  1. Just in Time 2FA (Reserve User): Fixed issue with the expiration of reservation time which would happen randomly while attempting to reserve user.
  2. Directory Sync: In case the agent is disabled, the notification “Not checked in” is no longer displayed. 
  3. Login: Fixed the password reset option of users who have been set up for one-way sync. They will no longer be asked to update their password from Passly.
  4. SSO Manager: Fixed issue with the "Just issue an attribute as the username" option. Previously, this radio button option in the Attribute Transformation tab in SSO Manager failed to save the option when it was selected.

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