How can I change the sending profiles in BullPhish ID?

Sending profiles can be set under the Bullphish ID > Training & Awareness. We can change the Display name but not the domain that was sent from.
Sending Profiles
The Sending Profiles Page allows you to create the ‘From:’ address for your Campaigns.
Create Sending Profile
Sending Profiles to consist of the following property. Target will be able to see this address, so it is best to try to use something that matches your Campaign.

  • Display Name - Entered Display Name will be used to create an email address at one of ID Agent's registered domains to help ensure campaign delivery. The Display Name will be used as entered, and the email address created will replace any spaces with underscores.
    - e.g., Submitting 'John Smith' in the field will create a profile that will appear to targets as FROM: 'John Smith <>'
    - Unlike Phishing Simulation sending profiles, partners should alert their employees about Training & Awareness emails to prevent accidental deletion.

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