Release - BullPhish ID - v2.02.01

Release - v2.02.01 - 7/21/2020


      1. We added Intercom into BullPhish ID, so we can get the latest messaging about features, announcements and releases. 


We’ll be addressing bug squashes.

  1. Creation and Current Campaign Send By, End By and Close by dates now show as intended.
  2. Custom sending profiles have been re-enabled for Training Campaigns.
  3. Issue where recurring campaigns would allow access to another Partner’s customized Training Course.
  4. Users were able to assign targets from one SMB to another SMB campaign.
  5. CSV group import would pull in the column headers as a target.
  6. Target creation didn't have an organization to associate with. 
  7. Issue where targets couldn't all be selected
  8. Scrolling issue with "Selected Targets".
  9. Active Directory group syncing issues
  10. Backend bug squashes and cleanup



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