Release - BullPhish ID - v2.04.00

BullPhish ID 2.04.00 - Release Notes - August 18th, 2020


Features and Enhancements


1. "Select All" targets

  • Added the ability to "Select All" targets for bulk deletion.
  • Navigate to the "Targets" page



  • You will see a "Select All" checkbox





2. Add Target to Group from Target details page

  • Click on the SMB from your home dashboard. 



  • Click on "Targets & Groups".
  • Click on "Targets"



  • Select the Target you'd like to add to a Group.


  • Locate the "Group" section at the bottom right of the Target details page. 
  • Click on "Add to Group"


  • You can now select a group to add the Target



3. NEW "Guides and FAQ" page

  • The BullPhish ID guides were originally located in the Partner Empowerment Portal in Dark Web ID. 
  • "Guides and FAQ" will allow you to download the latest version of our guides. 
  • Added a "Frequently Asked Questions" section to help save you a trip to support. 



  • The Guides section will be continuously updated to include revisions and new guides as well as the  guide version.



  • The FAQ section will be continuously updated for changes and additional question/answers.
  • As of this release, it contains two FAQ sections that expand to show questions and answers. More sections will be added.
  • Quick links to our "Request a Feature" and our Support portal. You can also click to email us.


Bug Fixes and Other

  • Fixed a bug where some Phishing pages wouldn't allow the user to submit data.
  • Back end improvements!



Stay tuned for feature releases as we are working on some awesome features! 






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