09/10/2020 - BullPhish ID v2.07.00

BullPhish ID 2.07.00 - Release Notes - September 10th, 2020.


Features and Enhancements


1. Campaign Creation Enhancements

Starting and Stop Hours to Send

  • You can now schedule the hours you'd like Phishing and Training campaigns to start and stop!
  • You can select from pre-filled hours or you can create your own custom hours to start and stop.

Skip Weekends

  • You can now schedule campaigns to skip weekends so you can maximize your campaign effectiveness! Example: Schedule a 5-Day campaign to start on Thursday. Normally, that campaign would stop sending on Monday. Instead of sending Saturday and Sunday, it will stop resume on Monday during the designated hours to send and stop sending on Wednesday


Campaign Scheduling Frequency

  • Now you can schedule your Phishing and Training campaigns on a Quarterly and Bi-weekly schedule.

Reworded the "Campaign Sending Cycles" options

  • We reworded the campaign sending options for easier understanding of campaign sending duration.

Language Filter

  • Added a language filter in your Campaign "My Kits" so you can quickly filter your campaign by your preferred language. 

Landing Page Preview Icons

  • You can now preview any Phishing Kit or Training Course in a browser tab when you click on the "eye" icon. This is a great way to view them on the fly from within Campaign Creation.


2. Landing Page Preview Icon - Phishing Kits and Training Kits

  • You can now preview any Phishing Kit or Training Course in a browser tab when you click on the "eye" icon when viewing kits and courses from the main menu.

3. Azure Directory

Obfuscated Secret Key

  • Active Directory "Client Secret" is now obfuscated. 

Sync Activity Insight

  • Navigate to your "Groups". You can now view when a Directory syncs as well as the number of users that were Added, Removed and current number of users after Directory Sync.

Daily Sync Added

  • In addition to the Directory Syncing before a campaign starts, we have added a Daily Sync which will sync at 12:00AM EST.


4. Campaign Overview

  • Added "Times Sent" and "Skip Weekend" to your campaign overview.  

Bug Fixes and Other

  • Updated BullPhish ID User guide to show current phishing URL's.

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