11/19/2020 - BullPhish ID v2.12.00

We have a small but impactful release for BullPhish! 


Features and Enhancements


1. Phishing and Training Campaigns - Add user to active campaign


You can now add a user to an active campaign that hasn't met it's "Send By" date.


NOTE: This feature, in this release, does not apply to Azure or Google Directories.


Add User Button



Select and Search users



Summary Screen



2. Campaign Email Activity Log - Added additional information


We added additional campaign activity data to each user.


This information is useful in understanding where and how your users are interacting with Phishing and Training emails. 


1. Event

2. IP

3. Platform (OS)

4. Browser Family (Chrome, Mozilla, etc)

5. User Agent 

6 Happened At





1. Ongoing feature development

2. Back-end improvements


Stay tuned for more as we have many new features on the horizon! 



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