02/25/2021 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.19

This release focuses on custom training email creation and we are working on larger features in the background that will be announced soon!



Training Courses - You can now customize your training course email invite!

  • WYSIWYG Editor can be used to add your company logo, change colors or paste HTML into your template.
  • You can add token variables to personalize the email to each user
  • Use existing email template 
  • Create your own email template
  • Save as a Draft
  • Create template title
  • Create template for all SMB's or assign a specific template to an SMB
  • Save and Send a Live Test to any email
  • You can find this in the "Training Portal Administration" section under the new tab titled, "Email Templates"


"Email Templates" tab



 WYSIWYG Editor - You can use our existing Training Course invite templates or you can make your own. 



  • Fixed bug that allowed custom Phishing Kits to be shown to all users.


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