03/11/2021 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.20.00

This release focuses on improvements to our training portal, campaign creation, and various Bug Fixes.



BullPhish Management for SMB Users - Partner/MME users can grant an SMB user the ability to manage BullPhish.

SMB Users can:

  • Create Training & Awareness Campaigns and Phishing Simulation Campaigns
  • Create Targets & Groups
  • View their Organization Directory and modify existing directories
  • View their Organization within the Training Portal in order to manage White-labeled domains, support URL or Email, Portal Branding, and User Logins

SMB Dashboard and Actions



BullPhish ID Training & Awareness Templates - Default Templates and Custom templates are able to send multiple training courses in one email. 


Training Email Invite with Multiple Courses 



Training Portal Top Menu - Fixes to the training portal shows the top menu by default, even while the user is taking a quiz. 

Training Portal View While Taking a Quiz



  • Fixed bug that disabled the "All Types" filter on "View All Campaigns" pages
  • Fixed bug where device resolution cut off a part of the training email invite. The email invite now has a standardized resolution of 600px width.
  • Fixed bug where phishing simulation email sending profiles could be selected from the "Course Invite" email page. This option now only allows users to select Training & Awareness sending profiles only.



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