04/08/2021 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.22

This release focuses on training campaign improvements, additional portal configurations, and various bug fixes. 



Allow Partners to Set a Quiz Attempt Limit - Partner administrators can now set quiz attempt limits to accompany quiz pass criteria.

  • If the administrator sets the attempt limit switch to "Yes", they can enter any non-negative value for attempt limit. 
  • If the administrator selects "Unlimited Attempts", then the user will be able to take the training course until they pass.
  • When a user fails a quiz, their remaining quiz attempts will be displayed in the portal. 
  • When a user fails a quiz and has no attempts remaining, the course will be marked as "Failed". 

Training Portal View- Quiz Settings



When a User Returns to the Home Screen, they will see their attempts remaining. 


Training and Awareness Course Quiz Results Screen - Appears only if conditions are met - BullPhish Training and Awareness quiz results should only show before the quiz is marked as complete/failed/expired. 

  • If a user finishes a course (pass or fail), they will see the Quiz Results screen, displaying the correct answers and their explanations. 
  • If a course expires, the user will no longer be able to take the quiz, however they can view the quiz results screen. 

Campaign Deletion Functionality - Users can delete campaigns with any status type.

  • If a user selects a campaign from the "View All Campaigns" screen, they will now be able to delete the campaign regardless of which stage they are in. 


Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed bug where canceled BullPhish courses were not being reflected in the training portal.
  • Fixed bug where 2FA setting in Reset Password flow was not affected by User Login configuration.



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