04/08/2021 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.22

This release focuses on training campaign improvements, additional portal configurations, and various bug fixes. 



Allow Partners to Set a Quiz Attempt Limit - Partner administrators can now set quiz attempt limits to accompany quiz pass criteria.

  • If the administrator sets the attempt limit switch to "Yes", they can enter any non-negative value for attempt limit. 
  • If the administrator selects "Unlimited Attempts", then the user will be able to take the training course until they pass.
  • When a user fails a quiz, their remaining quiz attempts will be displayed in the portal. 
  • When a user fails a quiz and has no attempts remaining, the course will be marked as "Failed". 

Training Portal View- Quiz Settings



When a User Returns to the Home Screen, they will see their attempts remaining. 


Training and Awareness Course Quiz Results Screen - Appears only if conditions are met - BullPhish Training and Awareness quiz results should only show before the quiz is marked as complete/failed/expired. 

  • If a user finishes a course (pass or fail), they will see the Quiz Results screen, displaying the correct answers and their explanations. 
  • If a course expires, the user will no longer be able to take the quiz, however they can view the quiz results screen. 

Screen Showing Alert for When User Fails Quizmceclip0.png

Campaign Deletion Functionality - Users can delete campaigns with any status type.

  • If a user selects a campaign from the "View All Campaigns" screen, they will now be able to delete the campaign regardless of which stage they are in. 

Select Actions > Delete in Order to Delete Campaign



Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed bug where canceled BullPhish courses were not being reflected in the training portal.
  • Fixed bug where 2FA setting in Reset Password flow was not affected by User Login configuration.



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