04/22/2021 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.23

This release focuses on improvements to the Training Portal, reporting, campaign modification, and  various bug fixes. 



Bulk Campaign Cancel - Partner administrators can now select multiple campaigns in order to cancel them all at once.

  • When the administrator selects multiple campaigns, a button labeled "Bulk Actions" is enabled. From the button's menu, the admin can select the option "Cancel". 

Training & Awareness > View All Training Campaigns > Select Multiple Campaigns > Cancel 



Once Cancel is selected, a pop-up window appears confirming the cancellation. 



Email Templates: Sending Profiles Tab: The Sending Profile section found previously under the "Settings" menu is now under the Training Portal.

  • Under Training Portal > Email Templates, there is now a tab for "Sending Profiles"
  • Here a partner admin can view the list of sending profiles available to them, as well as create a new one.
  • Selecting "Create New Profile" allows you to create a training email using a custom Display Name and Sending Profile.
  • Please note: These sending profiles work only with the Training & Awareness service, not with Phishing Simulation.


Select Training Portal > Email Templates > Sending Profiles to view 



Select "Create New Profile" and input Display Name and Sending Profile. Click Create.



BullPhish ID Campaign Detail Cards: Data Display Modification  - Data Display on Campaign Detail cards (No Action, Emails Opened, Clicked Link, and Submitted Data) has been modified to show the cumulative number of users that have successfully completed each stage. 



Manage SMB: Partners can manage SMBs directly within BullPhish. 

  • Under the partner dashboard, SMBs/Organizations/Companies can be created/managed directly in BullPhish
  • Partners can enable/disable both BullPhish ID Phishing and BullPhish ID Training for an SMB.


Select Company/SMB > "Manage SMB"



"Manage SMB" screen is identical to "Create SMB" screen, which can be accessed from your BullPhish ID Partner Dashboard.



Bugs Fixes and Minor Improvements:

  • Character limit of rationale for Configurable Course quiz questions has been increased.
  • Fixed minor Target sync issue. 
  • Fixed bug where empty/disabled subdomains were unable to save.
  • Fixed bug where Targets with special characters were unable to be imported via CSV.
  • Remaining courses tagged with the [LEGACY] flair have been removed. 

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