06/17/2021 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.27

This release of BullPhish ID includes a few enhancements and a bug fix.


  1. Campaigns:
    1. As a partner administrator, partner agent or owner, you can now recreate and edit a campaign from the Actions section.


    2. BullPhish ID will automatically retry sending campaigns three times (with a one-minute delay) when experiencing "Email Error" status after starting a campaign.
  2. Custom Email Invites: As a partner administrator, you can create a variable for inserting assigned courses in a campaign. When you access Training Portal > Email Templates > Course Invites > Activate Custom Email, you can select an existing template or create a new one, scroll to the HTML box, enter your HTML/CSS coding and enter the variable [courses]. This variable will be substituted with the courses added to the campaigns, as seen in the default course invite.

Bug Fix:

Directory: After a successful synchronization (both manual and auto), the status of the directory was not changing to "healthy." This is now fixed. 

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