11/12/2020 - Dark Web ID 1.54.00

Features and Enhancements

1. Compromises - Re-send compromises to your PSA Integration

If you use:




Connectwise (On-Premise)


You can now resend a single or multiple compromises to your PSA Integration directly from your Compromise Dashboard! You can select a single compromise or multiple compromises to resend.


Resend to PSA is now in your Compromise Dashboard options



Summary before re-sending



Added two new statuses




Confirmation message upon resend




2. Removed the default 2-Year Date filter.

When you view the Organization Compromise Dashboard--you will have full historical compromise data and counts showing by default instead of 2 years. This help the numbers align with other numbers you view in the Dark Web ID portal.

2-Year Date filter removed


2-Year Date filter - prior



Bugs and Other


1. Fixed an issue where the breach catalog logos weren't automatically resizing. 

2. Fixed an issue where Partner logos were not saving.

3. Fixed an Internet Explorer 11 issue where the Organization table wasn't displaying.

4. Improved the process of PSA integrations that were "breaking". Now if a PSA Integration is broken, we will automatically fix the issue. If the issue can't be resolved after two attempts, we will send out an email to you.

5. Back-end workflows and improvements.





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