11/25/2020 - Dark Web ID 1.55.00

This release is focused on Bugs as well as a new feature and reporting enhancements.


Features and Enhancements

1.  PSA Integrations - Updated Token Descriptions

We updated the description of the PSA tokens so it's a bit easier to understand what data the token will populate. 


Updated Token Descriptions






2. QBR Reporting - Reporting Enhancements

We are introducing some improvements to our QBR reporting starting with these below. 

Added your logo to the report


Cover and Pages

mceclip3.png mceclip4.png





Changed the page headers to a logo friendly white header


White header



Prior Header



Added the name of the months


Months Added






Removed the blue checkmark when no monitored values exist


Showing numbers



Prior blue checkmarks




Bug Fixes

1. Fixed a bug where "Bulk" adding of Domains, IP's and Personal Emails were hidden. They are now showing and available. 

2. Fixed an issue where MME users couldn't see the option "Send Email When Integration Unhealthy" when their PSA health changed. 

3. Fixed an issue where some MME Admin's couldn't configure SMB user notifications. 

4. Fixed an issue where if you exported a single compromise report with notes--it would show the note as created in 1969. 

5. Fixed an issue with QBR Reports which were reporting on "Date Found" when they should have shown "Date Added". 



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