08/05/2021 - Dark Web ID v1.73.00

This release of Dark Web ID comprises of a few bug fixes and an important announcement.

Important: We would like to inform you that starting Aug 5, calls to https://secure.darkwebid.com/ will no longer support TLS versions earlier than 1.2. Please make sure your code is ready. No changes in the API will be implemented.

Bug Fixes

1. Authentication:

  1. The Forgot Password functionality did not work properly earlier. The form for entering old auth TFA was appearing. This is now fixed. 
  2. While logged in as a partner admin, users could not get Disable 2FA until next login functionality to work and faced a 403 error. This is now fixed. 
  3. As a user of lower-level organization, the user could not get the Disable 2FA until next login functionality to work. It would only work from My Account details section. This is now fixed. 

2. Login: Login forms did not react properly to enter key earlier. This is now fixed. 

3. Notifications: Users not related to an organization would sometime get notifications based on organization membership. This is now fixed. 

4. Organization Monitoring Page: On Organization Monitoring page for partner users, the link to edit personal email was wrong. This is now fixed. 


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