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How do I add a customer to my Reseller Console?

If you are a reseller but don't currently have access to the Spanning Backup for Google Workspace Reseller Console, please reach out to to be on-boarded into our partner program.

Once you have access to the Spanning Backup for Google Workspace Reseller Console, follow the steps below to add a customer to your console:

1. Install a new Spanning trial into your customer's Google Workspace domain.  This can be done by being logged in as the admin user for that domain and installing from
this link
2. Assign a license to the admin user for that domain in the License Manager.
3. Save changes.
4. Log into the domain's Spanning Backup account as the admin user.
5. Select Settings.
6. Scroll down to Reseller Settings and click Generate Transfer Token.


7. Copy this token code (please note that this token is unique to Spanning Backup and has no relation to the Google Workspace Reseller transfer token or Google Workspace Reseller console).



8. Log out of this customer's Spanning Backup account and log into your Spanning Reseller Console.
9. Click Add a Customer.

10. Paste in the token code, and click the "Add" button.

Please note that if you don't have admin access to the domain of your customer, then steps 1 - 7 will need to be performed by the admin user in your customer's domain, and they will then simply give you the token code when it has been generated.  You will then be able to complete steps 8-10 to add the customer to your console.

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