Scripting the Remote Data Collector Install

The Remote Data Collector can optionally be installed via scripting through the use of command line switches.  To install via command line, you will need your Network Detective application credentials along with the Connector ID to associate the Remote Data Collector with during the installation.  The most common error when using the command line option based installation process is to not use double-quotes where specified.  Double-quotes are required for all paths with spaces and for certain parameters, like the encrypted password for example.


- Mind all double quotes!
- You can get an encrypted password using: register-device.exe -encrypt <password>
- If you do not care about scripting you password, -p <plain text pwd> can be used instead of the -e option.
- To the install examples below there are a few extra options:
- Auto-update is enabled unless using the -no-auto-update flag.

msiexec /qn /i NetworkDetectiveRemoteDataCollector.msi /L*V install-silent.log
"C:\Program Files (x86)\NetworkDetective\DataCollector\bin\register-device.exe" -register -u <rf_user> -e "<encrypted_pwd>" -c <connector_id>

Custom Folder Location:
msiexec /qn /i NetworkDetectiveRemoteDataCollector.msi INSTALLFOLDER="c:\test msi\ND" /L*V install-silent-custom.log
"c:\test msi\ND\DataCollector\bin\register-device.exe" -register -u <rf_user> -e "<encrypted_pwd>" -c <connector_id>

msiexec /x NetworkDetectiveRemoteDataCollector.msi /L*V uninstall.log



To get the encrypted password, download the Network Data Collector and unzip it to a folder on your computer.  Run the nddc.exe with the following options:

> nddc.exe -encrypt <password>

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