Remote Data Collector (RDC) silent install

- Mind all double quotes!
- You can get an encrypted password using: register-device.exe -encrypt <password>
- If you do not care about scripting you password, -p <plain text pwd> can be used instead of the -e option.
- To the install examples below there are a few extra options:
- Auto-update is enabled unless using the -no-auto-update flag.


Command 1 - This command installs the Remote Data Collector windows service
msiexec /qn /i NetworkDetectiveRemoteDataCollector.msi /L*V install-silent.log

Command 2 - This command configures the Remote Data Collector 

"C:\Program Files (x86)\NetworkDetective\DataCollector\bin\register-device.exe" -register -u <rf_user> -e "<encrypted_pwd>" -c <connector_id>


Custom Folder Location:
msiexec /qn /i NetworkDetectiveRemoteDataCollector.msi INSTALLFOLDER="c:\test msi\ND" /L*V install-silent-custom.log
"c:\test msi\ND\DataCollector\bin\register-device.exe" -register -u <rf_user> -e "<encrypted_pwd>" -c <connector_id>


msiexec /x NetworkDetectiveRemoteDataCollector.msi /L*V uninstall.log

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