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Network Detective did not detect my service - How can I add a service to Network Detective so that it will show up in reports in the future?

Occasionally, your customer may have a service installed that was not detected by Network Detective. With services such as antivirus and antispyware, new products are constantly being introduced to the market. Also, your customer may have a very old or very new release of an existing product. Since Network Detective is a very general-use product, reports may not always reflect a complete picture of your customer's unique circumstances. 

The Augment Reports feature allows you to customize Network Detective's data analysis to better suit each of your customers. If a service is not listed in our database, you may add it through the Network Detective application. Then, re-generate the reports and the service will be properly included and displayed. 

To do this, first open the Control Panel's Services window and find the service that you wish to add to the reports:

Right-click on the service and select "Properties" from the context menu. Copy the service's Display Name:

Then open the Network Detective application and click the "Help" icon in the upper right hand corner. Select "Augment Reports" from the help menu:

Paste what you have copied from the service's properties into the "Service Display Name" field. This must be exactly the same as the service's display name as listed by Windows. 
The "Product Name" field is what will be displayed to the customer in the reports. You may choose this to be the same as the display name or another name you feel accurately describes the service. 

Repeat for as many services as needed, click "Ok", and generate a fresh set of Network Detective reports. The services you have added will be displayed in the appropriate categories and included in all relevant charts. 

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