Scanning a MAC computer

It is recommended that this data collector be run from the terminal.

If using the Mac OS X GUI:

  1. Download the zip.
  2. Double click the zip to extract. You will now have an icon titled "NetworkDetectiveMacCollector".
  3. Double click on the icon. After it runs, it will produce a CDF in the same folder it was run from.

If scripting or using terminal

  1. Download the zip and extract.
  2. Use the following options [Neither are required. The default will be to product a file named <HOSTNAME>-<MACADDR>.cdf in the same folder as NetworkDetectiveMacCollector]:
    • -f <filename>
    • -d <outdir>

Terminal Example:

         $ cd ~/
         $ ./NetworkDetectiveMacCollector -f myscan -d ~/Desktop

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