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Configure PSA - Connectwise Manage

Configure ConnectWise PSA to import organizations and automatically create tickets



Try to avoid importing organizations you have already manually created since this will lead to duplicate accounts.

  1. Ensure you have all needed API Credentials
  2. Go to the Integrations tab on the nav menu (far left side of screen, only available on the MSP level)dashboard-shot-png.png
  3. Input your company ID, public and private API keys, and host
    1. All of these were retrieved in step 1
    2. Company ID should be something like rocketcyber
    3. Public and Private API keys are GUIDs
    4. Make sure the host (URL) matches the basic format of the example.  It must begin with https:// and end with .net.
  4. Click Create Integration
  5. Select a board from the dropdown and click Update ConnectWise Integration.  New security tickets from RocketCyber will appear on the selected board.
  6. If the update is successful, the status lists (New, Updated, Closed) will populate with a list of possible statuses for the selected board.  You must select a status to assign to tickets in each situation (new tickets, tickets to be closed, etc.) under the New and Closed dropdowns.  You may select a status for Updated if you wish.  Once you have made your selections, click Update ConnectWise Integration.

      7. ConnectWise cannot create a service ticket unless it is associated with a specific company.  Toggle the Import Organization from PSA then Update Connectwise Integration.

     8. You will have a list of company types from your ConnectWise PSA.  Select the needed organization types check Create Organizationand click Pull Companies.  select-customer-types-png.png

     9. Select which company names will populate into RocketCyber then ">" to move to Selected Companies list then Select All and Create Companies 

     10. Selected companies will be automatically mapped, any organizations that were entered manually will need to be mapped. Save Integration at the bottom of the page. 


Once mapping is completed notifications will generate a ticket. With the one way integration, tickets closed from the incidents list in RocketCyber will also close the ticket in the ConnectWise. 

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