ConnectWise Service Ticket Creation

How to enable automatic ConnectWise ticket creation

If you are a managed organization, use our managed incident integration.

RocketCyber supports automatically creating a Service Ticket attached to accounts in ConnectWise when an App Result is found for a matching organization. Matching accounts in ConnectWise will be found by the organization’s exact name in RocketCyber.

To enable this integration, we’ll first need to add an API key in ConnectWise for RocketCyber to use

  1. In ConnectWise
    1. Go to My Account > API Keys
    2. Select “+” to add a new API key, enter the description as “RocketCyber”, and select the floppy disk to save icon to save and generate a new API key
    3. Take note of the newly generated API Key
  2. In RocketCyber
    1. Navigate to Provider > Settings > Notifications for your MSP account
    2. Fill in your company id (what you use to login to ConnectWise), your newly created public and private API keys, and the host you use in ConnectWise (this will be the first part of the URL of your Connectwise account while you’re logged in)

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