Create an API User in Datto PSA (Autotask)

In order to use the API, you now need an API user. Here's how to make one

  1. From the PSA dashboard, go to the admin menu0-dashboard-png.png
  2. Select Resources (Users)1-users-menu-png.png
  3. From the list of existing users, select New API User from the dropdown next to the "New" button2-new-api-user-menu-png.png
  4. Enter information for the new API User.  Make sure the Security Level is set to API User4-create-api-user-2-png-1.png
  5. Click the buttons to Generate Key and Generate Secret.  Make sure you copy down the key and secret.  This is what will be used to integrate your PSA with RocketCyber.5-create-api-user-3-png.png
  6. Under API Tracking ID, use "Integration Vendor" and find RocketCyber in the dropdown (horizontal arrow in the above picture)
  7. Grant access for our integration to pull data associated with your Lines of Business6-create-api-user-4-png-1.png
  8. Click Save & Close

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