Office 365 Threat Monitoring

Overview of how RocketCyber protects your Office365 cloud presence


Microsoft has consistently improved their security products over the past few years, but their web portals can be incredibly crowded and irritating to use. Worst of all, the requirement to log in to each tenant separately is so annoying that you can miss important security information in the portal.

Our Microsoft365 cloud apps fix these problems by providing you exactly what you need in your RocketCyber console.


The information is pulled from Microsoft Graph, which has access to data from all of Microsoft's cloud-enabled products.

When you enter your credentials during configuration, we securely store a Graph access token (not your credentials) on a secure server. We then aggregate data from all your organizations in near real-time and select only potentially relevant security events for display.

Like all RocketCyber apps, additional search and whitelisting capability allow you to focus on only what is relevant to your business.

Is This Result Okay?

If you aren't sure what you should be doing with these results, select the app you have questions about in the table below. The app-specific help page will give some basic examples of when to be worried and when to hit snooze one more time (these areĀ examples, this does not list every possible scenario).

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