Import Organizations From PSA

Easily add organizations in RocketCyber by importing them from your RMM

For Datto (Autotask), you will need:

For ConnectWise, you will need:

  • Your company id, host, public, and private API keys

For Kaseya, you will need:

  • Your company, username, password, and server URL  

For Syncro, you will need:


From the dashboard, use the nav menu on the left side to go to Integrationsdashboard-shot-png-1.png

Enter the credentials for respective tool being used:





Credentials test then Create Integration

Select the categories of which organization types to choose from to import into RocketCyber. Check Create Organizations checkbox and click Pull Companies

You will now have a list of companies in those categories.  This gives you an opportunity to customize which company names to import.  There is a "Select All" checkbox on the top-right that will select/unselect all, and the companies are alphabetically ordered (left-to-right, top-to-bottom). Use the middle arrow buttons to move organizations into the Selected Companies list then bottom right corner Create Organizations


Return to PSA tab and select "XXXXX-RocketCyber Organization map"

Organizations pulled in from the PSA integration will be mapped.


*NOTE: Any organization that was created manually will need to be mapped. 


Incident tickets will now be created in the ticketing system by showing the PSA tag next to the alert in the Incidents list. 

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