Syncro API Credentials

How to get all credentials needed to create a Syncro API integration with RocketCyber

For the API integration, you will need:

  • Your Syncro subdomain
    1. Your default screen will have a URL of the format https://<subdomain>
    2. For example, if the url of the dashboard is, then the subdomain is rocketcyber
  • Your API key
    1. Sign in to the Syncro dashboard
    2. At the top-right of the page, click on your email address
    3. Click Profile/Password (in the middle of the list)
    4. Click the API Tokens link just below your email address
    5. Click New Token
    6. Select Custom Permissions (we are in the process of creating a prebuilt permission set)
      1. Fill in a name (e.g.  'RocketCyber Integration'), the desired expiration date, and add the needed permissions  (A list of minimal permissions needed for the RocketCyber integration is at the bottom of this page)
      2. Click Create API Token
    7. Copy the API Token

You can edit API values later if needed (e.g. the expiration date)

Editing is available at the API Token list (the page where you clicked "New API Token")

Permissions Needed

Assets - View Details

Ticket Comments - New
Assets - List/Search Ticket Comments - Delete
Contacts - Import Ticket Workflows - Manage
Customers - List/Search Ticket Worksheets - Add
Customers - View Detail Ticket Worksheets - Manage
Tickets - List/Search Ticket Worksheets - Delete
Tickets - View Details RMM Alerts - List
Tickets - Create RMM Alerts - Create
Tickets - Edit RMM Alerts - Delete
Tickets - Delete RMM Alerts - Clear/Manage
Tickets - Merge  

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