Installing RocketCyber Agent for macOS


Device must be running a supported version of macOS.

Agent must be installed with sudo privileges, which the default install script provides.


1. Navigate to the deployment view from within one of the organization accounts.

2. Click on the macOS tab

3. Click the Select & Copy button to copy the deployment script to the clipboard.

4. From a terminal window on macOS paste the copied deployment script and press enter

The deployment script will download and install the required components to desired macOS device.  It will prompt for administrator credentials as required for certain commands.

Once the agent deployment script has completed, return to the RocketCyber dashboard to view the device in the device list.screen-shot-2020-01-03-at-3-21-29-pm.png


Deployment via RMM and other tools

Any RMM tool that can run a bash shell script as root can use the same CLI command.

Instead of copying the command to the terminal prompt, paste the CLI command into your RMM tool's script editor and choose to have the script run as system or root.


**Please note: Troubleshooting a script within an RMM is outside the scope of RocketCyber support. Please contact your Account Manager and work with our Professional Services team to have a script created for you.

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