Deploy RocketCyber Agent Using Ninja RMM

This guide will walk through using the Ninja RMM  to deploy the RocketCyber Agent.

First, a few notes about the deployment script:

  1. The console generates a PowerShell script per organization that automatically includes the information required to deploy the agent, specifically the license key and the URL.

  2. The script first checks to see if the agent is already installed before performing an install.

  3. If the script does not detect an installed agent, it will download the agent installer package to the local machine and execute it.

Add a New Script In Ninja RMM

 1.    Log on to the RocketCyber console, from the left-hand navigation menu click on All Organizations.

 2.    Next, click Deploy for the appropriate organization.


 3.    Click the Select & Copy button to copy the PowerShell script for the desired organization.



 4.    Log on to the Ninja RMM console and from the left-hand navigation Click Configuration.

 5.    From the Configuration Menu Click Scripting.screen-shot-2019-06-21-at-11-52-59-am.png

 6.    From the Scripting View, click Create New Script



 7.    In the Script Editor view:

    1. Paste the script copied from the RocketCyber console into the editor control.

    2. Provider a name in the Name field such as RocketAgent Deploy.

    3. Provide a description in the Description field.

    4. Category chooses the appropriate category such as Maintenance.

    5. Language select PowerShell from the dropdown list.

    6. Operating System selects Windows from the dropdown list.

    7. Architecture selects All from the dropdown list.

    8. Parameters leave empty.

    9. Click Save
    10. Click Close 

Add a Scheduled Task In Ninja RMM

 1.    From the left-hand nav, select ConfigurationTasks 

 2.   Click New Task


 3.    Complete the following information in the Create new scheduled task view.

    1. Enabled should be switched on.

    2. Name enter RocketAgent Deployment.

    3. The description leaves empty.

    4. Schedule Repeats select Daily from the dropdown list.

    5. Recur Every set to 1 Day.

    6. Start At Choose a date/time in the future.

    7. Ends select After from the dropdown list.

    8. Occurrences set to 1.

 4.    Click the Add Script button.



 5.    From the Add Script dialog, type in a rocket to filter the list.  

 6.    Click on RocketAgent Deploy


 7.    On the RocketAgent Deploy dialog.

    1. Preset Parameter leave blank

    2. Run As choose System from the dropdown list.

 8.    Click Apply to continue.



 9.    In the Create New Scheduled Task view, click Targets from the left-hand nav.

10.   Click Add



11.    From the Targets dialog, choose the appropriate target devices or organizations.
When finished Click Apply.

You should now see the scheduled task in the list.



The task will execute at the time specified in the task schedule.

You can verify its execution by viewing the details of a device that was targeted.

The results of the script/task execution will be listed in the Activities section.


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