Using The Defender Manager Dashboard

How to easily review Defender status for all tenants

When The Defender Manager App is enabled, it adds an additional navigation item on the left-hand navigation menu.

Clicking on Defender Manager from the Nav menu will take you to the Defender Manager Dashboard.


In this Dashboard, you will find a couple of useful charts

Defender Health Plots the health status of Defender on your managed devices

Detection Summary Plots the detection types of Malicious, Suspicious or Informational

In the lower section of the dashboard, you will find a detailed list of the devices with summary information.

You can filter the list by device name by entering a full or partial hostname in the filter box.

For more details on a particular device, click the Details link in the right-hand column of the table.screen-shot-2019-07-24-at-6-08-12-pm.png

In the top right corner of the Defender Manager Dashboard, you will find the Settings Menu.

From this menu, you can perform scans and signature update for All devices in the current context.

You can also select the Configure item, to modify the configuration settings of Defender.


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