Configure Network Device - Cisco RV Series Router

This article will walk through the steps to configure Cisco RV Series Routers to send Syslog messages to the RocketAgent Syslog Server

System Log Configuration

Log in to the Web Configuration Utility and choose Log > System Log. The System Log page opens:


  1. Check Enable in the Syslog1 field to send system logs to the RocketAgent Syslog Server.
  2. Enter the IP address of the RocketAgent Syslog Server in the Syslog Server 1 field.
  3. Click Save.

Log Settings


  1. Check the checkboxes of the events that will trigger a log entry. Click the following options:
    Syn Flooding
    IP Spoofing
    Unauthorized Login Attempt
    Authorized Login
    Ping Of Death
    Win Nuke
    Deny Policies
    Configuration Changes
  2. Click Save.

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