Configure Network Device - Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway (USG)

This article will walk through the steps required to send Syslog data from a Ubiquiti USG device to the RocketCyber Firewall Analyzer

Enable Remote Logging


1. Log in to the Unifi Network Controller and click on Settings (gear icon) at the bottom of the navigation bar.


2. Click on Network Settings

3. Click On Advanced

4. In the Remote Logging Section switch on Enable Syslog

5. In the Syslog Host field, enter the IP address of the RocketCyber Syslog Server

6. In the Syslog Port field, enter the Port for the RocketCyber Syslog Server (default is 514 recommended)


7. Click Apply Changes at the bottom of the screen

Configure Firewall Rule Logging

Each firewall rule must be configured to allow logging. 


8. From the Settings Menu, click on Internet Security

9. Click on Firewall

10. For each rule that you want to log events from click on Edit


11. In the edit details dialog click on Advanced


12. Switch on Enable Logging


13. Click Apply

Configure Default Action Logging


14. On the Firewall page, scroll down to the Settings section and click on Default Action Logging


15. Switch on WAN Rules

16. Switch on LAN Rules


17. Click on Apply Changes


The steps for this configuration were verified with Controller Software v5.13.29.

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