Configure Network Device - Zyxel Firewall

This article provides instruction on how to set up and enable Syslog forwarding on a Zyxel firewall.

      1. Logon to Zyxel Web Console.
      2. Navigate to Configuration | Log & Report | Log Settings
      3. Select a Remote Server (This will be the same device specified as the RocketCyber Firewall Log Analyzer)
      4. Click Active

      5. Specify Log Format as VRPT/Syslog
      6. Enter the IP address of the device selected for the RocketCyber Firewall log analyzer in Server Address field.
      7. Validate UDP / 514 is set for the port (default)
      8. Log Facility - set to Local 1
      9. Select the Categories to be logged as shown below: Screen_Shot_2021-04-01_at_2.34.03_PM.png 

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