Spanning Backup for M365 and Google Workspace: Dark Web Monitoring September Hotfix

What is impacted?

This notice only applies to customers using the Dark Web Monitoring feature in Spanning Backup for Google Workspaces or M365

What is NOT impacted?

This notice DOES NOT apply to

  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Exchange Online
  • Google Drive
  • G Mail
  • Google Calendars
  • Google Contacts
  • Auditing and Other Spanning System Components

What is happening?

Spanning has identified an issue resulting in duplicate entries being reported by the Dark Web monitoring service.


The issue exists within an internal API and occurs once a day during our daily update. Compromises that were previously recorded were incorrectly reporting the current date as the timestamp rather than the date of the initial discovery. This resulted in multiple entries appearing for a single compromise, even if the compromise was dismissed by the user.


What is Spanning doing?

About the API Error

The API error has been identified and fixed. Duplicate compromises should no longer appear in your product UI or E-mail reports.


About the Duplicate Compromise Data

Spanning has performed numerous data integrity checks and validations to verify that the compromises being reported are accurate and genuine. Our next step will be to remove duplicate entries from the database and product UI.


  • This cleanup began on Friday September 10th
  • Data validation and monitoring continued throughout the weekend and completed with success on: Monday September 13th
  • At NO TIME during this window were Backup or Restore functions be affected
  • No valid compromises were removed from the data base, only duplicate entries


About previously “Resolved” compromises

  • Any compromises previously marked as “resolved” will reappear after this process is completed
  • These compromises will have the correct date of initial discovery


Thank you for your understanding.


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